• Exterior painting

  • Deck refinishing

  • Sunporch revitalizing

  • Deck & stairs


  • Removing dated wallpaper

  • Color Change

  • Cabinets, Trim/Molding


  • "Painting in"

  • Detailed Work 

  • Custom Painting

  • Patchwork from damages


  • Refaced from old to new


1. Choose your color.
When picking a paint color, be sure to view it in the space (or on the exterior) at different times of day. Both natural and artificial light quality will affect the end result. If you are unsure which color would work best in your space, contact a color consultant who will come to your home in order to give you the best options to coordinate with your furnishings, available lighting and fixed surface colors (like floors, tile, counters). Or if you have a basic idea of what you want but would like an experienced opinion, give us a call. At LoConte Painting we have seen a lot of great color combinations and can help you choose one that is just right for your space as well.

2. Schedule accordingly 
Interior: Plan to have limited access to the space and set up necessary items in another room. Ceilings are typically painted first, than walls, then trim. 
Exterior: The ideal time to paint your exterior is when temperatures outside are above 50 degrees and below 90 degrees. However, some products on the market are designed to work just as well even in more extreme temperatures. 

3. Clean the room

 Remove as much as you can from the space. Take down window treatments, remove photographs and hanging artwork along with hooks and nails, store fragile items in a safe place, remove switch and outlet covers, etc. Large pieces of furniture will be covered with plastic. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that the job site is adequately protected during the painting process.

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